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Al Foghèr has been the benchmark for the conception and preparation of quality pizza in the Arezzo area since 1986.


Classic pizza, contemporary pizza and dessert pizza:

each originating from the perfect blend of innovation, quality ingredients and research into new flavours, all placed on top of an expertly worked and light base, in line with increasing demand for a healthy, balanced diet.


our MENU "PIZZA only"

Open seven days a week (summer time), Al Foghèr has recently chosen to just specialise in pizza. There are no starters, first courses, second courses, salads or side dishes on our menu; our entire staff have focused their attention exclusively on the creation of classic pizza, contemporary pizza and dessert pizza, with each dish providing an unforgettable sensory experience.


This shift in focus has been accompanied by a parallel restructuring of the dining area to make it more welcoming, light and modern, with a cutting-edge design

that is in line with the refined contemporary style of the finest pizzeria in Arezzo. The kitchen is easily visible to all of our guests, who can admire and appreciate our chefs’ pride in their work, while the overall experience has been enriched by the addition of a sheltered wooden veranda, an expanded outdoor area for the hotter months and a colourful vegetable garden where some of our ingredients are grown.



The simplicity and originality of the best, most renowned traditional

Italian pizza.  [Read more...]

Taste, creativity and continuous innovation: this is the true Al Foghèr-branded “signature” pizza menu. [Read more...]

Gluttonous and delicate, pizza becomes a form of haute patisserie, uniting the sweet with the savoury... [Read more...]

                       TASTING MENU



Does our wide variety of classic and contemporary pizza make choosing just one difficult?


For groups, Al Foghèr offers a tasting menu where you can try and share slices of our best pizza, constantly changing the dishes at the table to ensure that the pizza is always hot.


This voyage of discovery into flavour can start with a delicate focaccia, before moving on to bolder and more sophisticated flavours such as the “Tarantufo”, the “Caamortazza” or “Salmon and Lime”, before satisfying your sweet tooth with a luxurious dessert pizza.


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Pizzeria Al Foghèr

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