Pizzeria Al Foghèr Arezzo


The simplicity and originality of the best, most renowned traditional Italian pizza. No Italian pizzeria is complete without these options and we prepare them with an added ingredient: the careful balancing of a light base and toppings that use only the finest ingredients, which make even the most classic of pizzas unique and recognisable.


Taste, creativity and continuous innovation: this is the true Al Foghèr-branded “signature” pizza menu. Contemporary pizza is a tasty and healthy dish that refines the highest expression of Italian flavours through a long and elaborate study of flours and toppings. The finest pizza in Arezzo is born from ingredients and working techniques that cause each individual flavour to explode on the palate, making it a light and healthy dish. 


Gluttonous and delicate, pizza becomes a form of haute patisserie, uniting the sweet with the savoury. Alongside traditional dishes, Al Foghèr has devised a rich dessert pizza menu, where fresh fruit, Chantilly cream, chocolate, cream, yogurt and so much more sweet goodness tops a traditional salted pizza base. Each dish has been dreamt up and assembled with particular care for the base and the topping, bringing tasty combinations to life for the perfect end to your meal. 



Pizza and beer is one of the most popular combinations of Italians. Our commitment has been oriented to select and include some of the best Italian, German and Belgian craft beers on the menu, favoring different flavors that are also expressed by small local breweries. A similar attention is also paid to the choice of wines that are increasingly trendy alongside pizzas and for which we offer a nice journey of the senses between classics, organic, prosecco and sparkling wines.


Come and discover the true signature pizza by Al Foghèr.

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Pizzeria Al Foghèr Arezzo