Pizzeria Al Foghèr Arezzo
Pizzeria Al Foghèr Arezzo

Al Foghèr has recently chosen to just specialise in pizza. There are no starters, first courses, second courses, salads or side dishes on our menu; our entire staff have focused their attention exclusively on the creation of classic pizza, contemporary pizza and dessert pizza, with each dish providing an unforgettable sensory experience.

This shift in focus has been accompanied by a parallel restructuring of the historic restaurant in Ponte alla Chiassa and the opening, in 2019, of the pizzeria in the old town of Arezzo. Two welcoming, light and modern restaurants, with a cutting-edge design that is in line with the refined contemporary style of the finest pizzeria in Arezzo. The overall experience has been enriched by the outdoor areas for the hotter months.



Pizzeria Al Foghèr | Ponte alla Chiassa, 78 Arezzo
Pizzeria Al Foghèr Classic | Corso Italia, 40 Arezzo
P.Iva P3 srl: 02271640514 | Tel. +39 0575 362577 | info@pizzeriaalfogher.com

Pizzeria Al Foghèr Arezzo